About Us

SEIF Group was founded in 1977 by the late Mohamed Aly Seif. SEIF has been a leading player in the construction and contracting business since inception. With a team of experts on board, SEIF has delivered superb projects with excellent designs and construction quality while ensuring complete customer satisfaction. SEIF takes pride in developing projects known for quality and precision – our large number of satisfied clients are a proof of it.


Our Mission



To exceed customer expectations through superior quality performance and to foster long term relationships with clients



We create a friendly and casual family environment for our employees that keeps them motivated, offers encouragement, boosts productivity and is a big key to success.



We use the most advanced techniques and top quality materials to create stunning and breathtaking projects.



To keep advancing and expanding in its area of expertise and to be the preferred choice for contractors.


Restoring Historical Buildings

SEIF specializes in renovation and restoration of historical buildings throughout Egypt. At SEIF, we strongly believe in the preservation of old architecture as they show the craftsmanship of different architects from a different time period. Also, it comes under the duties of SEIF as a responsible organization to protect and promote national heritage.

We take pride in being the preferred contractor when it comes to the restoration and renovation of old buildings and structures. With our latest equipment, and a dedicated team of designers and contractors, we’re able to maintain the historical buildings in their original state.

SEIF is a strong promoter of urban development along with the preservation of historical sites. We’ve completed over 140 different projects in the general contracting/tendering market in Egypt. We’ve created stunning residential buildings and luxury apartments in Egypt and promise to continue the same. We strive to provide our clients with a stunning place that they can call home.

At SEIF, we strive to create strong and durable infrastructures using high quality material to ensure safety, security and comfort of our clients.